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Mystery Of Time And Space - Level 9


Level - 9



Open the nearest cupboard to you on the left of the room and take the key

Go through the door closest to you on the right

Open the cupboard with the key you have

Click inside it and you will receive a floppy disk and a triangular object

Use the triangular object to fit into the blown fuse to fix it

Go back out through the door on the left

Go through the furthest door on the right of the room

Put the floppy disk in the computer drive

Reset the computer

Now type in QUEST using the keyboard on the computer

You will now see a room on the screen with some letters in, remember these

Now click the door on the back wall of the room (on the computer screen)

You will now have another letter or two, what you need to do is make these letters into a word, so if you have R, D and E the letters can be made into the work RED

Reset the computer and type in the work you figured out from the letters and press enter (if it does not work the first time it may be a different word than u think)

Now you ca go through the door on the right of the room

Go straight forward into the room in front of you

Open the cupboard on the right and get the key out of it

Go through the doors on the left of the room

You will now see a strange machine in the middle of the room. When you click the white square in the middle of the screen it will move slightly. This machine is used to unlock different doors in another room

The machine is already set to open door one

Go back through the door on the right

Go right again through the doors

Click to go through the first door  on the right of the room

If there is a door in front of you, use your key and go through the door, if not go back to the room with the machine in and click it once again. Door two will now be open, check room two for a door. If it is not there keep doing the same method as before for the rest of the doors until you find the room with the door leading to the next level.


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