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Mystery Of Time And Space - Level 8


Level - 8



Pick up the screwdriver from the table

Go through the archway to the right of the room

Go through the other archway on the right of the room (the one without the force field!!!)

Click the picture on the right of the wall to reveal a hidden part of the room

Get your screwdriver and click on the grate on the right wall to knock it off

Go though the hole

Get the pendulum hanging down from the clock

Leave the room through the hole on the left

Leave this room through the archway on the left

Left again

Click on the panel next to the poster with the women on

On the top of the box you will be shown a number such as 22, now you have to click the buttons below to add up to that number. Each time you get an answer right the red circle will reveal a piece of green, all this has to end up green                                                                                         EXAMPLE

18 = 16 + 2

Now go back to the room view and click on the panel again. The wall should have now moved backwards revealing the door to another room

Go through the door

You will now see two wardrobes, a chess tile on the wall and a machine that generates a force field above the chess piece

Click on the right hole on the force field, which will reveal a piece of string

Now hang the pendulums from the string

Grab the chess piece

Leave the room

Go right through the arch

Right again

Through the hole

Place the chess piece on the risen box in the middle of the room

Playing Chess

Ok here is the part where you have to play chess, the chess piece has to either be moved one place to the left or right and two places forward or backwards or one place forwards or backwards and two places to the left or right. The chess piece has to be moved onto a flashing square. After you have got it to the flashing square another square will flash and you will have to move it to that one.

Once you have finished the chess game go back through the hole on the left

Go through the door on the left of the room

Now go through the door that is closest to you on the right of the room

Click on the locker with a number one on it and get the suit

Now go through the airlock on the right of the door


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