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Mystery Of Time And Space - Level 4


Level - 4



Click on the left archway to go into the left room

Pick up a piece of wood from the fire

Click on the security panel (little grey box) next to the door to receive a triangular object

Leave the room and click on the right archway to enter the end right room

Place the piece of wood on the ACME machine and click the green button to turn the machine on.

The wood will now be on fire, pick up the flaming wood

Go back to the end left room and put the wood on the fire

Return to the room with the ACME machine in and put the triangular object on it and click the green button. The wood will now be broken into 4 separate pieces

Return to the right room and click on the security panel to open it

The broken pieces now need to be arranged into the control panel (pictured below)

The door will now unlock and you can go through it


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