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Mystery Of Time And Space - Level 3


Level - 3



Click the door on the left of the room to enter the next room

The tiles on the floor now have to be arranged so they make a line. To make the line you have to click on the tiles to rotate them. The line should look like the one below

Now turn the lights off in the room to reveal three hidden panels on the back wall. Pick these up

Return to the first room and click on the very front right hob of the staircase barrier to make the staircase raise

Now place the three stone tiles into the slots. Each tile only fits into one slot

Click on the right tile at the front twice to make it move out 2 places, click the middle tile once to make it move out one place, click the left tile twice to make it move out 2 places

Take the cassette box that you have and place it over the right mouse hole. When the creature pops its head out of the hole click on the box to catch it

Now put the cassette box with the creature in onto the three tiles under the stairs

Click the chair in the left of the room to move it forward

Now click on the very front left stair hob to lower the stairs

Go through the door


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