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Mystery Of Time And Space - Level 11


Level - 11



Go through the door on the right of the room

Right again

And right again

Take the chalk off of the chalk board

Open up the cupboard to receive a key and a screwdriver

Go left

Left again

And left once more

Use the key to open the chest on the right of the room

Click inside the chest to receive some money

Go right

Put the white ball you have on the the pool table

Use the chalk to make the cue resting against the table smooth

Put the money you have in the pool table

Pick up the pool que and put it straight against the white, but do not hit the ball yet.

Now move your que three places to the left and hit the ball

Now where you can see the black circle in the picture above a key will appear. Take the key

Go right

Right again

Use the key to open the door on the front wall and go through it


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